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Closing December 30th

ALL Crowns, Tiaras, Double Sided Scepters are 25% OFF!

ALL Jewelry: including Necklace & Earring Sets, Bracelets, Crown Pins, Pageant Pins, Hair Pins are 50% OFF!

POP UP SALES are on The Glitzy Crown Facebook Page ONLY and they can pop up at anytime

with items that never made it to website, or items that maybe only have a few left, etc.

It is different each time and marked down even further. Only for that day and that post.

After claiming items, I will send a Paypal invoice. Must be able to pay invoice within 24 hours.

Any questions, feel free to message me.



Hey Y’all!

It is with a heavy heart that I write you today and announce that The Glitzy Crown will be closing as of December 30th of this year 2020.

The pageant industry has slowed down tremendously in the last couple of years. Since I buy in bulk ahead, to always have many styles available “in stock” so they ship immediately, It has really effected me in my small business. After much thought and many tears, I have made the very hard decision to close. It was confirmation for me when the factory that produces my crowns told me they were closing also. This to me was my message from God that he was closing this door for me.

I know another door will be open for me. As you know, I started another small business about 10 months ago, that I will concentrate now on full time. If this is the door I am suppose to continue through that will be great as I do LOVE it! I also hope you will continue to follow and support me in my new business.

Thank You to all my loyal customers. You have truly been the best!  I have always and will continue to be forever grateful.

I have posted a video on my Facebook page (The Glitzy Crown) explaining this also. Please watch.  I will be marking down all inventory as of Monday, May 4th. It will be marked down 25% OFF.  At a future date (not determined yet,) it will be marked down lower. This is to clean out ALL inventory.  Many pieces will be below cost. I will have “Pop Up Sales” on my Facebook page for random items (that will be even lower than what is on the website.

Now would be a great time to buy ahead for those pageants later this year, since you will be getting a GREAT deal! I will be posting pics of items and more videos to come on Facebook. You will be seeing a LOT of me until the end of the year OR until ALL inventory is gone!

Thank you for supporting me. I love you all!



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New Year New Decade!

New Year, New Decade!

Welcome to the year 2020! Sounds futuristic doesn’t it?

Well lets hope everyone starts this new year off with a bang!

Lets make this new year the most exciting, healthiest, prosperous one for each

and every one of you!



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Is Fall Here Yet?

Oh My Goodness!

Is it Fall  YET??!!!!

This has been a very hot Summer here in Georgia, and I will welcome Fall as soon as it gets here. Which if I remember correctly last year we were still swimming in pool in October. But all I have been hearing lately is the words “Pumpkin Spice” I will be ill if I hear that ONE MORE TIME!!! Lol

Anyway, here is a beauty to look at and of course it is designed by me and only available st The Glitzy Crown.



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Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here!

We just jumped right into Summer. Temps of 90’s and 100 for the rest of this week and its only May!

Welcome to the south!  Pool is ready and I will probably be using it later today, LOL

Here is a pic of one our popular round crowns accented with pearls.

Absolutely Beautiful and ONLY available at The Glitzy Crown.

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Selected Monthly Mark Down-October

October’s “Selected Monthly Mark Down” item is a beautiful, sweet tiara with clear crystals and flowers are accented with Medium Blue stones. It is 2″ High with comb sides. Beautiful tiara and well worth the price!

We only have a selected number available in inventory.  (Regular price is $10.00) but it is our “Selected Monthly Mark Down” item and is ONLY $7.50 while supply lasts!